Good use of advertising money can result in a large return on investment. One way to do this is through marketing channels such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. There are two main benefits to using these channels to gain qualified visitors to your website.

Paid Advertising Benefits

The first main draw is the targeted nature of the traffic. If someone is searching for “buy fly fishing rods” and clicks on your ad for custom fly fishing equipment you know that they are serious and likely in a mood to purchase. This is why advertising online can be so lucrative – although this of course depends on the industry and geographical area. Done incorrectly, online advertising can cost quite a bit of money with little long term return.

The second draw to paid advertising is finding what keywords users are entering to find your ads. When your ad is clicked on you get a report of exactly what the user was searching for. This can help you tailor your advertising campaign, and ALSO give you good data on industry terms, click through rates, and more. It has been some time since Google began withholding search data from analytics, paid advertising is one method to very quickly find out what terms convert. Does this have a cost? Of course – paid ads are just one way to go and overall a boost to any optimization campaign; another tool in the toolbox!

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