Automation is an important tool that every business should have when it comes to their online efforts.

Providing quality information and a good user experience can take time, managing it all shoudn’t. There are many areas where some degree of automation can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. The most popular areas include:

  • Blog Posting
  • Social Network Posting
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Report Generation

There are several other areas that can be automated, but these 4 areas provide the most ‘bang for the buck’.automating your business Please note that “automation” does not mean automated content or providing low quality or copied information to your blog or social networks.

How are these areas automated?

It all depends on what your business needs. For example, a smaller law firm may want to contract out blog posts that are written and then reviewed before being posted publicly. Oasis Optimization can take care of the content needs, provide a final copy for review, and then post it to the site where the work has already been done to automate the distribution to the ten or fifteen social networks that have been set up for the firm. Imagine doing that once – from sourcing the material to editing and posting, and then logging into each social network, this job could take 8 or more hours – a full day!

It’s easy to see how automation can pay off very quickly.

We can set up sites and web 2.0 properties that syndicate your information – think about how news stations do this with their articles – why shouldn’t you have the same power?

We can take this to the next level and provide monitoring, content, and management if needed.

Automation is generally a custom fit for each business. Contact us today with your needs and let us start saving you time and money.

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