Email Marketing

Keeping in contact with your customers and beginning a relationship with new or potential customers can accomplished via email, among other methods. It’s an unobtrusive way to keep yourself and your brand in their minds and to notify them of worthwhile events.

Managing this can be a hassle though. However, with a bit of help from Oasis Optimization, your email list can beemail marketing for your business growing and managed easily.

Popular programs such as Mailchimp and Aweber exist to help you with your business email lists. We can show you how to set these programs up, implement them on your website, or take over the work and do it all for you.

From website email submission to HTML email design, we can help you.

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

Do you know what your conversions are from email to email? Do you track how engaged your users are? Can you target the customers that have opened more than 50 percent of your emails? With a properly set up email marketing campaign you can have access to this kind of information – and more! This can be very powerful information when put to the right uses.

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