Reputation Management

Reputation management is needed no matter if you are an individual or representing a business brand. Being proactive lets your voice dictate the conversation, not the other way around.

Reputation management can cover quite a few activities, but this list is a breakdown of some of the more important areas:

  • Local directory listing/placementyelp logo
  • National directory listing/placement (Yelp, etc)
  • Optimization and consistency off directories
  • Monitoring of news, search engine results, and more (Twitter, Facebook, etc) for name or business mentions
  • Replying in a timely and accurate fashion to any negative issues

Why Is Reputation Management Important?

Part of the recommendations for your reputation management is to get involved. This is one area where you, as the brand or representative, needs to be active. Have you heard the stories about the business that has that 1-star review and how much it hurts them online? How much do you think it would matter if they had consistently asked their customers to leave reviews for their excellent service?

Need help with ideas on how to have your customers interact with your brand more? Need help identifying the best areas to concentrate on for feedback and reviews? We can help! Contact us today and get started.

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