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Write Showstopping Email Subject Lines Quickly

Your email subject line is the first thing people will see, so you gotta make it impactful If you need help with your email marketing, head over to https://www.oasisoptimization.com Hey, it’s Adam with Oasis Optimization and today, I wanted to talk about real quick about some frameworks you can use to crank out some really

How To Quickly Improve (Or Create) Your Welcome Email Sequence For More Conversions

A welcome email series is a perfect way to well, welcome, your new subscribers and tell them about you, your business and how are things going to be from now on. If you need help with your welcome email series, head over to https://www.oasisoptimization.com So how can you quickly improve or create your welcome email

Why Should I Segment My Emails?

Segmenting your email list will help you get better deliverability and that will lead to better open rates and more profit. If you need help segmenting your email list, head over to https://www.oasisoptimization.com Why should you be segmenting your emails? I’m going to dive into that, show you a couple of examples and a couple

What 2 Things Should You Split Test Right Now In Your Abandon Cart Series?

Paying attention to the flow that will make you money even when you’re on vacation or sleeping is a no brainer. If you need help setting up your abandoned cart email flow, head over to https://www.oasisoptimization.com So today, I want to tell you about the two things that you should be testing right now in

What Is Just As Important As Your Subject Line

Having an amazing subject line shouldn’t be the end of the job. If you need help with your subject lines and emails, head over to https://www.oasisoptimization.com Okay, so maybe you’ve gone out, you’ve got a swipe file, or you’ve checked out some great emails that you like, or you just had a flash of inspiration. 

How To Use Surveys To Boost Your Sales And Conversions

Have you ever thought about using surveys to boost conversions and sales? Surveys and Forms are amazing ways to get direct feedback from your customers. If you need help setting up surveys to boost conversions, go to https://www.oasisoptimization.com Hey, I’m Adam Moody, and I want to tell you today about three easy ways you can

Are Your Emails Flows Helping Your Customer Journey?

Are you following on your customers’ path? Setting up browse abandonment and abandoned cart emails flows is a great start but if you’re not guiding your customers through their experience with you and your brand, you’re missing on a lot. If you need help setting up your flows, go to https://www.oasisoptimization.com andI’ll help you. So

1 Quick Win For Customer Winback Email That You Can Do Today

Getting back the people in your list that haven’t interacted with your business lately is a great way to get revenue from people that otherwise would be considered to be in the end of their life cycle. If you need help setting up your customer winback strategy, head over to https://www.oasisoptimization.com —————————————– All right, so

Easy Ways To Use Email Segmentation To Increase Conversions

You don’t need to build the most complex automation to increase your conversions. A couple of email segmentation tricks will help you with that and more. If you need help setting up your email segmentations, head over to https://www.oasisoptimization.com All right, good news. There are some easy ways to use email segmentation to increase conversions. 

Browse Abandonment Emails – The Secret E-Commerce Money-Maker

Browse Abandonment Emails – A way to increase your revenue that you might be sleeping on. If you need help setting up your Browse Abandon emails, go to https://www.oasisoptimzation.com ——————— So what is the browser abandon email?  Why is it the secret e-commerce money-maker?  Well, I’m going to tell you about that.  Give you a