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Active Campaign And ClickFunnels Integration – Easy!

  Active Campaign is a great email service that I myself use and recommend. Integrating it with ClickFunnels is very easy and only takes a minute. Watch the video to see exactly how to do this. Once you have your Active Campaign account integrated, it’s as simple as going into the funnel you want to

Using Zapier With ClickFunnels For Backend Automation

  Put Zapier to work for you with ClickFunnels so that you don’t have to spend time manually digging up customer information every single time you have an optin or order! This video shows the exact steps you need to take in order to have an automated system put to work notifying you of any

Content Curation Part 2: Examples

Something that I have been asked about several times now is “what does content curation look like?”. The best way to answer this is to show some content curation examples from top ranked content in a variety of industries. First of all, there is no perfect example of curation. There are different ways to go

Reminder – Page Rank Patent Expiring

In case you haven’t heard about this previously, I’ll fill you in on the info up front – the algorithm that Google has used for years to calculate Page Rank is going to soon be expiring on the patent front. Seo Round Table has an article that discusses this in some detail, at least with

Content Curation Part 1: Finding And Managing Sources

One of the first steps in content curation is finding high quality sources of regularly produced content. These are two very important qualifications that need to be covered in order to be useful. Content Source Qualifications High Quality: Starting with reputable sources will make your job easier and in turn give your readers that best

Introduction To Content Curation – More Coming

I recorded a quick video that I wanted to share – content curation is an important aspect of content generation and is done regularly by most people online whether they are aware of it or not. However, you can quickly realize some large gains by optimizing the process. In this 2 minute video I’m just

Website Foot Print – How To Research And Analyze

There are many reasons that you would want to know about a website’s “footprint”. Wait, what’s a footprint? Good question – it’s basically what your website has that makes it unique, or not. When you look at the source code for a website it is much different than what you get in the normal view

Interesting Tools For Content Creation And Semantic Relations

Several days ago I found an article that had some good tips for content creation as well as a second tool for examining relations semantically. These came from a SearchEngineLand article that I have linked to below – in case you want to read the original. Tool Information First off, the content creation tool FaqFox