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Why Automation Isn’t A Dirty Word If You Want To Build A Real Brand

Automating parts of your business shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. On the contrary, having the correct automations are essential to building a real brand. If you need help setting up your automations, go to https://www.oasisoptimization.com Automation, right? The big scary word. I know a lot of us hear that. And sometimes, you know, we’re

The Most Important Email Flow That You Might Be Dropping The Ball On…

Keeping your customers informed after they made a purchase is really important. If you need help setting up your post-purchase flows, head over to OasisOptimization.com and schedule a call with me and we’ll set them up together. Know those times where you’ve gone online, right, you buy something. And then afterwards, you just kind of

OB’s – The Best Way To Increase AOV Fast On Any Sales Platform

If you’re not using Order Bumps on your pages you are missing on money-making opportunities. If you need help setting up your Order Bumps go to www.oasisoptimization.com to schedule your free optimization call with me. Okay, what makes order bumps so important?  All right, it can be the difference between struggling with your funnel and

3 Steps To Getting Your Customers From Amazon To Build Your Own Brand

Do you want to get your customers from Amazon to build your own brand?  Watch the video to find out what steps you need to take in order to do so. If you’d like help with your email marketing go to www.profitsbyemail.com Is Amazon starting to take over your mind or your imagination at night? 

Reminder – Page Rank Patent Expiring

In case you haven’t heard about this previously, I’ll fill you in on the info up front – the algorithm that Google has used for years to calculate Page Rank is going to soon be expiring on the patent front. Seo Round Table has an article that discusses this in some detail, at least with