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How To Quickly Improve (Or Create) Your Welcome Email Sequence For More Conversions

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A welcome email series is a perfect way to well, welcome, your new subscribers and tell them about you, your business and how are things going to be from now on.

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So how can you quickly improve or create your welcome email sequence for more conversions and just better relations with your customers? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about briefly today. And this will work great for e-commerce brands, but it can also work if you’re running a course, if it’s just a personal branding, whatever that is. So real quick, I’m Adam Moody. And if you’d like help with your welcome email sequences or e-commerce, email marketing, with your sales funnels, head over to

You can get a hold of me there. So real quick, I want to give you a few tips. A lot of times I know because I’ve written a lot of emails and I remember what it is like. And still to this day, sometimes you get that blank page problem right, where you’re just like, I know I need to write this, but what should I do? Well, like anything else, a welcome series can have a template.

There’s a lot of great ones out there. I’m not going to recommend one in particular. You can literally just type in welcome email sequence template and get started from there. And I don’t want to influence it because there are some great ones out there. Maybe if you’re selling physical products, it’s going to be slightly different than if you have a course. But here are some of the general ideas. You want to, one, use a template or an outline, right?

Don’t make this harder than it has to be. Secondly, give clear calls to action. Each email should, unless you have a reason not to, should have a call to action and that call to action may be hit reply and let me know whatever it is you’re asking or it might be hey, go visit the site or hey, here’s some great content. Just go check it out or share it. But you’ve got to remember you’re gotta tell people what you want them to do.

And a lot of times we get into that passive mode where we’re thinking, I don’t want to be too forceful. Here’s a link or something. No, tell people what you want to do and why they should go and do that. Right. Thirdly, tell a story if you can. So maybe the first email you send in a welcome series is literally that, hey, it’s a welcome. Here’s who I am. Here’s what’s going to happen.

Right? You’re going to tell them what you’re going to tell them. You’re going to tell them and tell them what you told them, OK? And but once you get past that, you can start weaving in a story and remember to consider them and to include the reader or your subscriber or your purchaser in this story. Now, I’m going to make something up here. Let’s say we have an e-commerce store that sells can openers. Right? First, welcome email might just be like, hey, that’s great.

I’m glad you’re also interested in premium, authentic, handcrafted can openers. You know, here’s what we’re going to be sending you. We’re going to send you several emails to talk about the can opener problem in the world today and how we’re going to fix it and how you can be a part of it. You know, make sure my emails don’t go to spam by dragging it into your inbox. And then after that, maybe the second email kicks off with something like, hey, you know, here’s why the can opener industry is growing at a thousand percent and why you being interested in our can openers can provide a benefit to you.

OK, so obviously it’s a little silly using a can opener example. And I’m talking about a thousand percent growth, the idea is involving them in something interesting, whether it’s timely, whether it’s a true story about maybe you, the business, just remember that, bring it back around that you are not the focus of this, they are. All right. And last but not least, asking for feedback. This is really powerful, especially if you’re just getting started or if you’re making some major changes.

Ask people what they think. Don’t be afraid of that. You can add in a PS line. It could be an entire email. Just say, hey, do you have any thoughts or comments about these emails, about the brand, about any of the content we’ve sent out, any of the products and just either ask them to hit reply or if you’re not getting much results or maybe do like a Google form and make it anonymous and you can have that in the email.

Just say I have one question. It’s totally anonymous. It really mean a lot. Or you could use kind of the ethical bribe and maybe say, hey, we’ll send you some free content if you reply whatever, however you want to do that. But then just getting that feedback is the most important part, whether it’s hitting reply, whether it’s filling out a survey or whatever that is, and ask them that one or two most important questions, which should be about is there something else that you would like to hear about?

Is there something we’re not talking about, things like that. So confining it to these ideas and kind of using this as an outline and then going and grabbing a template can really take the load off for your business. So I know it’s tough to think of this is going to be perfect. And how am I going to write twelve emails that go out like don’t do that, just write three or four, get it out there in the world and start iterating because you’re definitely going to see the engagement.

You’re going to see how people are reacting. You’re going to see what’s working well and not. And then you can invest more time now that you’ve got some results and say, hey, maybe I should expand this or maybe I should change the angle here and maybe talk about some other things. So hopefully find this helpful. This is going to let you quickly improve or again, create your welcome email series and get a lot better conversions and just be beneficial for any brand.

But especially this can be really effective for both e-commerce and courses or personal branding, so hopefully that was helpful. If you want help with this or with other areas of email marketing or sales funnels, head over to