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How To Use SMS In Conjunction With Email For Promotions At Your E-commerce Store

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SMS can be used for even better engagement, revenue, and more results when you combine it with other methods.

For example, you could send an SMS message to promote a new product as well as sending emails about the same topic. One way you can do this is by using Klaviyo and sending both text messages and emails at different intervals depending on your audience’s preference of communication timing.

I always like to announce sales beginning with SMS text messages and then following up with emails, especially if they are more than a day long. This way people know about the sale from both angles without being overwhelmed or bombarded by just one form of communication.

If you are heavier on the SMS side, it makes sense to use more messages or rely less on email. 

However, for traditional brands that typically depend heavily upon emails with some occasional usage of text-based communication like in this example, their strategy will be a different one and they may want to keep using email as much as possible while only utilizing texts when necessary to augment their most-used channel.