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Where To Start With SMS Automation For Your E-commerce Store

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As an e-commerce store owner or operator, you’re probably already using a variety of automated marketing techniques to stay in touch with your customers. This includes email campaigns for abandoned carts and post purchase sequences as well as browse abandonment emails; these are all great places to start when it comes time to implement SMS into the mix.

With a system like Klaviyo, this can be really easy. You just need to have people consent to receive text and you’re good to go. The general way people do this at first is to just set up an SMS opt-in form, asking for their phone number and maybe offering a discount or something similar to get their consent. 

You can also use a 2 step optin form where you get email information first, and then SMS approval after that.

Once you have opt-in consent for SMS messages, you can include them in your email flows.

There are many creative ways to use SMS as a way of getting in touch with your customers beyond the standard “order now” text. For example, you could send an announcement or promotion via SMS that is specifically tailored for VIPs and frequent shoppers.

There’s much more you can do with SMS and your email marketing but this time I’m just focusing on how to get started with it. 

How should you get started? Add it to one or two of your flows (automations), see how it works for your store, and go from there – take action by getting started and then build it out.

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