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Keep Your Email Messages Short And To The Point – E-commerce Emails

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They say it’s better to keep messages short and simple. 

Though there are always exceptions, most of the time we tend to be verbose in our writing or speech. 

This is because people often do too much when they speak or write, speaking more words than what was needed for a particular occasion – just like when I was recording this video and eventually writing this up…

Writers generally get their thoughts out faster by “brain dumping” all at once instead of stopping every so often for editing purposes – this technique has been proven successful with many writers who have tried it before me and you!

But it is very important to follow up that brain dumping by going back and editing. 

You generally don’t just do a brain dump and then say, “OK out the door.” 

You want to make sure your messaging is correct but also condense it down in order for you to get the right message across in as few words as possible. Just don’t take it too far and end up like Kevin on The Office.

This can be heavily influenced by what type of content your brand relies the most on. As with most forms of communication, ask yourself, “Is this what my audience wants?” and go from there.

A lot of people nowadays are busy and have little time to spare for reading long emails from brands that don’t need to send such lengthy emails. Again, it all depends on the brand. If you’re shipping physical products or providing any type of information, it’s important that your customers know about the benefits they can receive from what you offer. 

However long this may take depends on how much detail is involved in explaining these benefits but generally, most consumers want a quick overview before deciding whether or not to purchase something new for themselves.

The same applies to SMS. Long walls of texts won’t work as well because that’s not how most people text.

The importance of communicating in a concise way can’t be overstated. Keeping your messages short and to the point will make sure that you are not only more efficient, but also in tune with what is being communicated by others around you without having them feeling as though they need to spend time figuring out how or where those words fit into their lives.

I guarantee you’ll get better results with this! Writers can also get more proficient at the craft if they use an app like Hemingway or have other people read their work. An extra pair of eyes can help a long way.