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How To Use Small Automations To Save Tons Of Time In Your Business And Life

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In these times, the more you can automate and get out of your plate, the better.

Automating parts of your processes or recurrent tasks can help you become more efficient, more organized, or simply allow you to enjoy more free time.

Something that saves you 30 seconds a day, can save you up to 8 hours after a year, that’s a full workday!

Zapier Automation:

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All right, so I want to share with you how you can use automation to do some fairly simple things that could end up saving you literally eight hours or one full day in the coming year, even if it’s only saving you like 30 seconds a day. So real quick, I’m Adam Moody with Oasis Optimization. If you’d like help with automation, sales funnels, email marketing, then you are going to want to get in touch with me which you can do at

Now let’s go back to this and talk about how you can use automation to do some little things that can really add up. So, for example, let’s say you automate something that really you only spend 30 seconds today on. Sounds kind of crazy, right? Because it might take you five, 10, 15, 30 minutes, an hour to do that. And it just seems really imbalanced. But if you do that and then something you truly do every day, that’s something that’s going to save you like eight hours or a full working day in that first year.

And if it’s something you’re doing long term, right. It just starts to stack up. It’s kind of crazy. So a lot of times we don’t recognize the power of doing this and getting rid of some of these recurring tasks can be huge. And then you start thinking about, oh, what if I’m automating something for a team or for a group of people or let’s just back it off a little bit and not make it sound so grandiose if it’s not even occurring that often.

But it’s just kind of a pain in the butt. Right. It’s nice to automate it and get it off of our plate. So an example of this would be, let’s say you need to send pictures in and let’s be more specific here. Let’s say you want to collect screenshots of reviews, right? Because you want to share those either if it’s yourself or your team, you want those sent out in emails, right? Sure. So social proof, people like what you do, they like your product.

They like your service. Maybe you want to share them on social media. You want to include them in a blog post or on the website. But if you’re like most people, they’re probably in a bunch of different folders all over the place. You take a screenshot and one’s on your phone. Some are in Dropbox somewhere over here. So what you can do with a tool like Zapier is set up an email address. They have an email address that you can set up.

You can edit you get to edit the beginning of it. So it could be something like a business name, review pictures and then some random stuff. And then I forget what they’re it’s like (at)zapiermail(dot)com. Long story short, what this does is you can send an email there. So let’s say you take a screenshot on your computer, you go to your email, you attach it and you send it over there. What you could do is then it catches it says, hey, great, I’ve got this email and now I’m going to put it where you told me to.

So the second part of this is setting it up and saying, OK, great. Once you get an email and it’s got an attachment, just put it in this Google folder Drive or Dropbox or wherever it is you want. But that way it’s in one specific place. And you can tell your team, hey, any time you take a screenshot of a review from social media, from the website, somebody sends it in, just send an email, send it to this address, and it’ll always go into that folder.

Right. Super handy. And you could do it with the phone as well. If you’re taking screenshots real quick, you edit that, you send it in, you’re done. So I’ll actually include a link to that, I’ve done it before. You can find that down below in the description. You if you have a Zapier account, you can just start using it. If not, you can set one up and get going yourself.

But that’s just one idea, right? There’s a lot of other things you could do, but this is a good one where it really does kind of solve a pain in the butt problem of having stuff scattered all over the place. And you could do other things like collecting receipts, right. If you’re on the road, if you are traveling a lot, or you just have to deal with a lot or maybe you’re taking pictures, you need to have them all collected in one place.

You could just send those into that email and it’s going to put that in that Google Drive folder or on that Dropbox folder. Take care of it for you. So hopefully that’s a helpful one for you, or at least gives you some ideas of some things that might be possible. Again, the link’s down below, if you want to check out that automation for yourself. So if you’d like help with automation, with sales funnels, with email marketing, get in touch with me at