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Why Are Abandoned Cart Emails So Important?

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The statistics are in and they show that most online shoppers leave without completing their purchase.

Abandoned cart emails can be the difference between converting a customer into a loyal fan or a lost revenue-maker because 70% of all carts have been abandoned by users who never checked out at least once!

It’s really important to recognize that 70% is the average and is the way things really are…when running your store it can be hard to see, but let’s think about what we could do with that 70% that abandon.

This is the perfect moment to bring the importance of automated flows into the conversation.

Even the most basic of flows created by email systems like Klaviyo can make a huge difference in bringing back people and having them complete their purchases, which increases your revenue.

This will free you time that you can use to produce engaging content, increase your ad spend, or whatever it is that you need to do to grow your business!

Just a reminder, remember to customize these kinds of flows and test them over time with different things like the text in the subject line, your Call To Action, images, and the time between abandonment and sending out the first email.