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Why Automated Flows Are So Important To Your E-commerce Store When Starting Out

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Automated flows (also known as automated email sequences) are an essential part of any e-commerce store, although many people feel a little weird about using them at first…

They think that their subscribers might get annoyed and prefer to stick to sending emails manually.

I’m here to tell you why these kinds of emails are important and why people want to get them.

First of all, they work while you don’t.

Take abandoned cart emails for example. 

If someone is going over your store, planning to buy something but for some reason didn’t complete the process, an abandoned cart follow-up email, even if it’s just a single email, can get them back to their shopping cart and finish checking out.

And you didn’t have to do a thing!

Another example is a welcome series. When someone gives you their email address and joins your email list you want to welcome them, and start walking potential customers through the benefits of reading your emails, of doing business with you or purchasing from you, and maybe showing them some deals.

Now, you’re not going to be up at 3:00 A.M. every day in case someone opts-in so you could send them a welcome email, right? If you set these kinds of emails as an automated email series, you can move on and work on something more important while your email automation racks up happy customers.

One other great reason to have these automated series of emails is that 99% of the time they are going to be your best performers when it comes to open and click-through rates.

And this is especially important when you want to show your email service provider that you’re a legit brand and people are receiving and opening your emails! So do your account, both email and bank, a favor, and make use of automated email flows.