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E-commerce Email Open Rates – What Should It Be?

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You have an e-commerce store and are sending out emails, great!

But do you know what your open rates are supposed to be?

It varies from industry to industry but as with everything, there’s an average.

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So are you wondering if your emails with your e-commerce store are kind of hitting the right metrics and are you in the right area or are you getting way better open rates or worse rates? Are you in danger of your ESP or email service provider telling you, hey, you’ve got terrible engagement rates? Like what is that? So let’s talk about this. Just as a general ballpark number, a good estimate to go by is 20 percent. It’s not that you can’t have less than 20 percent open rate and be doing OK, but that’s the kind of ballpark number you’re going to be looking for.

Definitely, if you’re going under 15 percent, you’re going to start probably experiencing some issues depending on who you’re using. So it’s important to also note that this varies by industry. I know a lot of them break it down by things like apparel, automotive, electronics, food and beverage, health and beauty, office supplies, jewelry, things like that. But when you look at these and you can look into the description below, if you’re watching this on YouTube, you can check out the links below from two places, one being Klaviyo, it’s a really good email service provider that I highly recommend for e-commerce stores.

And then there’s also another one from Campaign Monitor, but you’ll see things around 17-ish percent, up to maybe 21, 22 percent. And again, you’ll see and hear of people getting far more than that. And of course, you do want people to be engaging, but it’s not always apples and apples. A bigger list, you may have someone that needs to clean the list and by that maybe you’re not getting rid of the people who aren’t engaging.

So that could be a reason that you’re seeing lower open rates and you need to deal with that. It could be the quality of the content you’re sending out. That if it’s not very good or is not engaging with people and it’s just all promotional that you’re finding problems there. So there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this, but it’s an area to be aware of that there’s several levers you have to help fix this. And you definitely, if you can get over 20 percent, go higher and higher if you can.

And one of the things that I like to tell people when they ask, how do I do this in terms of the content side of things, is remember to talk about them and them being your customers and your subscribers. When you’re sending something out, will it interest them or does it will interest them from their point of view? And will a sale interest them? Yes, most likely, if that’s all you’ve ever sent out, maybe not. Let’s say you’ve got a new office.

That’s something to talk about, but you need to frame it in a way that it makes sense to them and it gives them a benefit. Maybe it means that you have a new office or a warehouse and it’s going to reduce your shipping time. Great. Tell them about it. That’s a good benefit for them. And as you do that, you can help drive up your open rates. So, again, check out the numbers of the included links below if you want more data on that.

But a ballpark number to shoot for is about 20 percent. If you’re over that, you’re generally doing better than average. If you’re under that a little bit, you get away with it, but you probably want to look at improving and bringing things back up. So if you’d like help with your e-commerce email marketing, you can get in touch with me at