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How To Lower Customer Support Issues With Email? – E-commerce Stores

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Are you getting a huge influx of customer support emails from people asking common questions?

If you want to decrease the number of emails you get and focus on things that are more important, consider answering those kinds of questions when you’re sending out emails.

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All right, so how is it that you can lower the amount of time and effort you have to put into customer service, just using email with your e-commerce store? We’re gonna dive into that in just a second. First of all, I’m Adam with Oasis Optimization. If you’d like more help with your email marketing, with sales funnels, anything else, you got some questions about it, hit me up at Now, let’s talk about this. So how is it this can result, just by using email, in lowering your customer support issues?

Well, one way that you can do it, and this is just totally tactical, but it applies across a lot of the emails you send is answering people’s questions. Make sure that you’re working those into emails. You can either get with your team. If you have someone writing copy, if you’re writing the emails yourself as you’re getting this back through your customer support channels, even whether it’s messaging, whether it’s emails, whatever it is, what is it people are asking you?

Is it what are the prices? What are the shipping times? What does this? What does that? Work that into the emails. If you’re doing a promotion on a certain product, you can work that in. That’s a reason to send an email. Hey, did you know that this product will arrive in X number of days or it comes in these colors? That sort of thing.

People want to know this information and doing that, you’re already kind of overcoming objections if there are objections in the questions or you’re just answering them ahead of time and making it easier for them to go ahead and purchase.

And the second part of this that I really like is: one, that you’re going to drive more sales by sending these emails, but also you’re going to lower the level of customer support issues that you have to deal with, whether it’s you, your team, whatever it is, which means they can focus more on serving the customers better, with the bigger issues, they’re spending more time on it or doing things to improve the experience overall.

So that’s kind of rises, what is the phrase that the rising tide floats all ships? Everything gets better from this. And a lot of times we look at email and it’s true that it can provide this 20, 30, 40 percent bump in revenue when done effectively. But there’s also the side of it that when again, done effectively and you’re answering objections, you’re answering questions that this can also then lower the customer support needs and the amount of time you have to spend dealing with that stuff, which is fantastic.

So, again, if you’d like help with your e-commerce email marketing, you have questions about that or sales funnels. You can get in touch with me at