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Can AI-Powered Marketing Tools For Copy And Content Help Your Business?

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You don’t like copywriting?

Then I have good news for you, there are a lot of tools that can help you with that and much more.

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Let’s talk a little bit about some AI-powered marketing tools specifically kind of on the copy and content side of things. So I’ve got several I want to talk through, as well as why you might be interested in these and what they could do for you. So real quick on the Adam with Oasis Optimization, if you’re interested in finding out or getting help with sales funnels, email marketing, automation, head over to Now, like I mentioned, we want to talk about these specific or this specific area for these tools and copy and content.

And there’s some really good quotes right here. And I could see it on the background. But VWO founder, what do you have to say about this was he’s believing the marketers will gravitate towards auto-generated material because it speeds experimentation. All right. So I believe that, but with a kind of a small twist that it speeds experimentation, but also that it speeds implementation. Right. And so what he had to say was the more you can test, the higher the likelihood you end up impacting your business metrics.

Same thing with implementation, right. Could even just think of implementing once iterating on that. That’s kind of a test of itself. But this idea of stuck trying to think of decent subject lines for an email or I can’t figure out what the best title might be, how do I do this? And already there’s tools that can help you do this. All right. So Snazzy co-founder, which is one of the tools I’m going to mention real quick, is saying the goal is to offload the somewhat monotonous job of writing the copy and move to the editing part.

A lot of people I know I used to feel this way, too, you would think of, oh, my gosh, copy writing. This is going to be so tough. And a lot of it is just doing it right. It’s writing. And if it’s written and you use it as copy, you’re a copywriter. All right. Of course, there’s people who are much better at it, but a lot of people who write, copy and write it very well.

Guess what? They do a lot. They write all right. And that is a big part of it. So offloading the writing to a certain degree so that you can edit, I’m not saying, of course, right now, you could go press a button, you’re going to get something perfect and you slap it up on your website or your social media post or whatever it is. And that’s going to work. But if you know what you’re doing, you can get some ideas at the very least, or you can even get some copy.

That’s a starting point. Maybe some title, some product descriptions. Go in there, do a little editing, have someone on your team do it and it could cut your time in half, could cut it by seventy five, 80 percent. So just as a few tools real quick, there’s a ton out there. This is not comprehensive and it changes every day as we move forward. But there is Snazzy out there they can do email, PPC like paid ads description’s or the actual copy itself.

A little bit of landing pages. Compose I believe that’s still on a waitlist. Copysmith and, they also have implemented some basic I believe both of these have implemented landing page copy. A lot of these do things like you can see on Copysmith, product descriptions is great. I’ve used it before and just put in for example one of your product names. It came up with I think 15 or 20, and one of them was probably better than what I would have come up with.

I would take that, tweak it a little bit. Away you go. And that’s, again, something you could pass off to a team member to do as well for those who are running e-commerce stores. And you’re like, oh, we’ve got to put up twenty-five new products or variations. How are we going to write all this? That can be a great way to help speed it up, especially so someone doesn’t have to just stare at a blank page and try to go from there.

Let’s see what else. Taglines, SEO metadata. Right. As well as giving you even ideas for blog post, which is really cool. So there’s a bunch more, AI Writer, Market Muse. This is one too, where you can have them come up with content brief. There’s other tools to do this too, like Surfer SEO, Phrase and several others. And with Market Muse you can get first drafts that will get you started. And so they, I believe, use they say they use their own in-house kind of AI system.

But we’re getting to that point where the content you produce it doesn’t need to be purely based on your leg work and all of the time you need to put into that. A lot of these tools have kind of processes built-in. So you could for example, if you need a blog post, you could use one of these tools and get a content brief, which would just be like an outline, maybe the most common words that are included in the top-ranking content, things like that.

So it’s really about like we set up at the beginning, speeding up, saving you time and letting you implement much more quickly. So I highly suggest if you’re looking again, don’t get too much of the shiny object syndrome, but go check these out and see how they can help you with ads, with email writing, with your content. So I will say real quick again, if you want help with getting into this, getting into automation, getting into sales funnels, email marketing, feel free to get in touch with me.

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