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What 2 Things Should You Split Test Right Now In Your Abandon Cart Series?

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Paying attention to the flow that will make you money even when you’re on vacation or sleeping is a no brainer.

If you need help setting up your abandoned cart email flow, head over to

So today, I want to tell you about the two things that you should be testing right now in your abandoned cart series.

Real quick I’m Adam Moody, and if you would like help with your abandoned cart series, with email marketing and general or sales funnels, head over to You can get in touch with me there. Now, the very first thing that you should be split testing right now, if you are not, is your subject lines, right?

It’s become brain-dead simple to get it set up. I realize it takes a little bit more time depending on what system you’re using, but this can be one of your most profitable flows and the abandoned cart series keeps working when you’re sleeping, when you’re on vacation. Right. It’s one of these automated things that just keeps going. So that’s a great place to invest 5, 10 minutes coming up with some different subject lines. All right.

If you haven’t done this before, you can usually look it up for your system. Like if you’re using Klaviyo, it’s very easy. But if you’re not sure of how to do it, you could just say, hey, how to split test in Klaviyo. You’ll find a ton of great videos and walking you through that. And then if you’re using different systems like Active Campaign, Convert kit, whatever it is, they all have this functionality. So all you need to do is come up with some additional subject lines.

Now, probably using something like, hey, where did you go? Or you’re going to miss out or twenty four hours before your cart expires. And those are all great depending on your industry, that may be the way to go. But I would do a pretty big test. Right. If you’re using something that says limited time like twenty four hours, maybe try not using the time and there and see how it reacts. Of course make sure that it matches the content of the email.

But I would go in and try some pretty big tests and see how that works. All right. And this can be something that you do on going to see better and better results. Again, like I said, this is something that’s going to be working 24/7 for you. So investing a little bit of time definitely pays off. OK, so the other thing that you should be or can split test right now in your abandoned cart series is using coupons, but having it split.

Right. So a lot of these email tools have the ability to split. So once you what is one you can do is to have when people come into your abandoned cart series, maybe they get the first email and if they don’t buy, you can then split and do something and say, OK, did they not buy? Maybe we offer them a coupon. If they do buy, then they exit the automation. Or you could split it right off the bat and say, has this person ever bought before?

No. Maybe we send them a coupon code to nudge them over the edge or yes, they have, then they’re probably likely to buy because they’ve already bought from us before. Let’s just send them a couple of follow up emails or switch that around. A lot of this is just testing. And so what the coupons you might need to figure out the back end of that. But these are not incredibly difficult, especially with the e commerce stores. But testing this can bring you some very dramatic results.

And what I just said about splitting it based on a big purchase or not would be the very first test you could run. So we’re taking maybe 30 minutes to set up. And again, just like we were talking about with the subject lines, this is something that just continues to pay off because the series is running in the background. So hopefully that gave you two good ideas of things you should go. And what test right now, in your abandoned cart series if you’re not already doing this. now, if you’d like help with your cart series, with email marketing in general or with sales funnels, you can get in touch with me at