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What Is Just As Important As Your Subject Line

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Having an amazing subject line shouldn’t be the end of the job.

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Okay, so maybe you’ve gone out, you’ve got a swipe file, or you’ve checked out some great emails that you like, or you just had a flash of inspiration. 

And you’ve got this amazing subject line like, and you’ve tested it. And indeed, the open rates are amazing. Why not just call it quits there? All right. Well, I want to tell you why in just a second. 

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All right. Well, like I said, you know, if you’ve got that great subject line, and that can be a great time, maybe you’ve been testing it, but why do you want to just not call it quits there and say, have done a good job? 

Well, there’s lots of reasons but one of them is making sure that it matches up well with the content. Alright, a lot of times we get fixated on and that happens to me, you look at this, you’re like, oh, I’ve got this great subject client. 

But you want to make sure to does this merge well with the content in the email because the open rate is not the be all end all, right? 

We want to know that people are opening it and then doing what was intended. Not doesn’t necessarily mean that the click-through rate has to be higher. Maybe the email is more of a consumption piece of an email, or we’re asking people to reply, right? But you want to know what the real goal of that email is. Because it’s easy to get focused in on that one piece and say, okay, I’ve come up with this cool subject line, the open rate is through the roof. 

But are the people then doing what you intended them to by clicking? Are they replying? Or are they consuming the email what’s going on there. So again, don’t forget about that. You want to make sure that those match and then if you do have this great match, maybe you can go in and now you can split test the content in the email, maybe again, working on just that call to action, maybe if you switch out the actual call to action inside the email, you could bump the click-through rate even higher, right, and then that combo of a great subject line, great email, great call to action. 

It’s just gonna light the fire under that and now you’ve truly got a great email. So that’s why you don’t want to just work on your subject lines and call it quits when it comes to split testing. 

All right, and if you’d like help with your split testing with us Email marketing or with your sales funnels. You can get in touch with me at