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Klaviyo’s New Homepage Dashboard Update Experience: An Overview

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Klaviyo’s Updated Dashboard – Introduced in March 2023

Klaviyo has recently launched a new homepage dashboard update experience, aiming to improve user experience and provide valuable information at a glance. Here’s a breakdown of the key updates and features:

  • Alerts Card: This feature highlights core notifications that need your attention, such as failed payments or sudden drops in event data for specific metrics like “added to cart.” Access all account notifications anytime by clicking the notification icon in the account.
  • Customizable Conversion Metric Performance Card: Select your preferred conversion metric and time range, and the card will display relevant data, including total revenue and Klaviyo-attributed revenue.
  • Improved Navigation: Several helpful icons have been added to make navigation more straightforward.
  • Top-Performing Flows: Spot your best-performing flows based on the chosen conversion metric in a dedicated card.
  • Recently Sent Campaigns: View your most recent campaigns directly from the homepage dashboard.
New Klaviyo dashboard image

Note that with the update, some items have been moved to different areas, but no functionality was lost.

Exploring the Redesigned Dashboard

To learn more about Klaviyo’s redesigned dashboard, visit their help center or ask questions in their community. Users are encouraged to log in and explore the new dashboard themselves.

Some users feel the new dashboard might be a bit text-heavy and contain too much information. However, the general consensus is that Klaviyo is moving in the right direction by providing relevant alerts and metrics upon login. The updated dashboard aims to help account owners or managers monitor essential data, such as drops in conversions or revenue. While some users might prefer the older dashboard’s layout, all the information is still available; it’s just presented differently.