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OB’s – The Best Way To Increase AOV Fast On Any Sales Platform

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If you’re not using Order Bumps on your pages you are missing on money-making opportunities.

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Okay, what makes order bumps so important? 

All right, it can be the difference between struggling with your funnel and messing up some offers and kind of crushing it for lack of a better term in your funnel, and I’m going to show you a little bit about why that is the case. 

Now, if you’d like help with your order bumps with your offers, you can head over to Oasis optimization and schedule a call with yours truly. 

Okay, but to go into this, you know, what can a good order bump do for you? It’s pretty impressive, right? And let’s just back up a second and talk about what an order bump is just real quick, if you’re not familiar. 

So to give a real obvious example, you go to page you want to buy the product and maybe there’s a little box below it that says, you know, hey, you could get this extra for you know, $9 and you check the box, it’s automatically added when you checkout you go and get that so that just to set the premise here, that’s what I’m talking about. 

So these are a really, really powerful and the idea with these are they should be no brainer deals right? You should see that and it should convert very well. So that’s the first part, if you have an order bump into this is not converting, you know, something like 20, 40, 60%, you’ve got a problem. 

And again, it depends on demographics, it depends on your industry. But going back to these, you know, you want it again, just think no brainer, and it’s something that people look at. 

And it’s going to help them with that main purchase, it’s going to help them do it better, it’s going to help them do it faster, or it’s just a perfect complement to it. And these could be digital products, right? 

That can be a great add on, especially if you have a physical product and you can create maybe a great addition that’s a digital product. So it complements the product in two ways. One, it provides the customer with a big value for what they’re paying, and then two, it’s a really high-profit margin item for you. So in that case, it’s really, really a win-win. 

And when you hit that right match, like I was talking about, and you see these conversion rates of I’ve seen higher than 60% but let’s just go with that. You could increase your average order value, right? When you hit your hitting those numbers, your average order value could go up by 50%. I’ve seen it 100%. 

And now you’re talking about an actual game changer because you can afford to spend more on ads. You can afford to spend more on different types of advertising, you could go out and be running more tests, all in all, it’s just going to lead to you growing up much more quickly. 

So a lot of times, you know, these are missing from order forms, which I see as a huge missed opportunity, when I started saying is like, if you don’t like money, don’t do order bumps. But they’re really fun. And I like them. 

Now as a consumer. I like going and you know, you see the ones that are done really well. And it’s you know, and again, no brainer, people just see it, and it’s like, Wow, that is an amazing deal. click Checkout. And then if you have an upsell, that’s great, what you should be getting that and so on both sides. It’s a when you see that the consumer likes it right you’ll see that in the conversion percentages and as the business owner You’re gonna like it because you’re driving up your order, average order value. 

So anyways, as far as creating these, you know, just go out and I’m not going to try to explain a one size fits all for all of the industries, you know, start looking around at what other people are doing. 

But a lot of times, you just want to keep these really simple things in mind, like, whatever you are selling, what is something that would help them do it faster, or get better results and that you can sell generally, but not always, for less than the price of the main product you’re selling. 

And so you can do that, start testing it and start increasing your average order value very, very quickly. So if you’d like help with order bumps, email marketing, any of this sort of great stuff, head over to Oasis optimization.