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The Most Important Email Flow That You Might Be Dropping The Ball On…

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Keeping your customers informed after they made a purchase is really important.

If you need help setting up your post-purchase flows, head over to and schedule a call with me and we’ll set them up together.

Know those times where you’ve gone online, right, you buy something. And then afterwards, you just kind of like, oh man, and like, I know, it’s typically called buyer’s remorse. But I just call it kind of like bad planning. 

So let’s talk about how we can fix this in case you’re doing that to other people. And make sure that your customers are just, you know, excited and pumped after buying. Now real quick, if you’d like help with stuff like this, you can head over to Oasis optimization, and book a call with yours truly. But let’s get back to the conversation at hand, which is what I would call these post purchase flows, at least in terms of email. Now, after someone purchases, what can we do? Well, there’s a lot right. 

Let’s say we’re shipping them something. Let’s say it’s a physical product. How about letting them know? Obviously, it’s on the way that’s a little bit of a transactional email, but you can sneak some stuff in there like letting them know they made the right choice seems basic, but hopefully they did right.

You believe that they made the right choice. And then beyond that, again, we talked about the transactional email and how you could use that. How about letting them know maybe what they’re going to be able to do once they get it. If you offer products that maybe enhance the experience, so like an upsell, or cross sell, this could be a good time, depending of course, you don’t want to bombard them before they actually get the product, but start letting them know about it. 

Now, of course, that’s physical products. Maybe there’s a service or a digital product. And in this case, do you still want to do the follow up? Let them know again, hey, it’s on the way, or here’s how you can access it. Let them know they made the right choice.

And then let them know any other information they need to know like, what’s what’s next? What’s coming, kind of that that adage of like, you know, tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, tell them what you told them. 

And you can do that via email and also build up you know, start building that relationship they bought from you. They were excited initially. So don’t just go silent on them. I know for myself, you know, when you purchase something, and you just get to like a thank you page, and it just says thank you.

And then you like, don’t get anything like an email. It’s really jarring, especially nowadays. So you want to follow up immediately send out that transactional email. But again, you could have low personalization too, if you want to, on the thank you page itself, why not go ahead and tell them what to do next, even if it’s just Hey, you know, like our Facebook page, go check out our YouTube channel, or, hey, here, if you bought this, maybe you’d like this.

Next, or maybe here’s some free information. But starting that right away, and then following up with them, kind of depending on your life cycle, you know, if it’s taking a week to ship something out, you should definitely be talking with them in between, and then past that point to walk them through using their product, getting the most out of it.

And then of course, maybe following up with them for a review or a testimonial. So that is the basic outline for that these are emails that you could crank out, you know, this week, depending on what you you do. If it’s a physical product, I just laid out a few emails. You could see

If it’s a digital product, it could be a simple one or two email series. Or maybe if it’s a long course, you’d have something more but the point being if you don’t have these emails to get them started and you know, I would sit down this afternoon, write a few out, put them into place, get some feedback and kind of iterate over time.

All right, so if you’d like help with a post purchase series, you can head over to Oasis optimization course anything else to do with creating your offers email marketing, increasing your average order value. Thanks for watching.