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Why You Should Batch-Writing Your Emails, Especially If You’re Running A Business Yourself

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If you’re running a business, you should be sending out emails.

If you do, great!

Now, do you write several emails at a time and have them ready ahead of time?

If you don’t, then this video will be perfect for you.

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So let’s say you’re running the business, right, maybe it is just you maybe you’ve got a really small team, but why should you bother with batch-writing your emails and what does that even mean? I’m Adam with Oasis Optimization, I want to share this real quick. I think that this is partially productivity tip and partially how to send better emails. So let’s go through this real quick. It won’t take long. And I want to leave you one, being more productive and two, writing better emails.

So the biggest reason for me on the productivity side, why you should batch-writing, and by this I mean, let’s say you send out a weekly newsletter or maybe you send two emails a week that… Once, like anything, you get in the groove, it’s easier to keep doing it. I know a lot of us, happens to me as well, and I enjoy writing, but I’ll look at the blank page and just be like, oh, yeah, right.

I need to get a template or I need to open a file or do this or that. You’ve got that momentum you’ve got to build up, but it happens for the best of us. You can help yourself by doing things like having links ready, having a file of reminder ideas, things like that. But still you’ve got to get past that. But once you get that momentum going, it becomes much easier. So if you’ve written one email, it becomes much easier to write that second email, to write that third, the fourth, up to a certain amount, of course.

Eventually, depending on how much time it takes you, everyone gets a little burned out. But let’s go back to the example of if you’re sending one email a week, how much easier would it be if you wrote four emails at a time and got this all taken care of and then it’s done for the month? Not only are you saving time, because that’s going to be way faster than sitting down each week and trying to write them.

You won’t have that same kind of momentum-building period. You’re just going to crank through these emails. So that’s going to result in just saving time straight up. And then secondly, the emails are probably going to be better. Right? You’re in that mindset and you’re already thinking about the content, about the emails, about your customers, your subscribers. And so that’s literally just comes through in the sense of it’s more there’s more continuity. Not that the emails have to relate to each other, but you’re just in that mindset and it really does translate into your emails.

So those are the two big reasons why I would do this. I think it’s a huge one for productivity. Like I said, if you’re especially if you’re running the business with yourself or a small team, this can be a really big time saver. And if these emails are used for other things, it just really helps all the processes. And by other things, I mean, maybe you’re doing some social posts that are based on the email. So getting these done all at once would let someone else like your social media helper get on top of that stuff instead of kind of doing it just in time or last minute.

And then, of course, just having that better output because you’re in that mindset. And so I also encourage and have my writers who help me with various projects. I try to batch for them so that we can get several emails written at once. So they’re not just working on one, then doing something else and then coming back over here. This works for yourself, but also for people who are helping you. So hopefully this will help save you some time as well as get you to send some better emails out there.