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10 Reasons To Write An Email To Your E-commerce Subscribers Or Customers

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Finding a reason to send out an email is not always easy.

In this video I list 10 reasons to write an email that might not have thought of.

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably had writer’s block at some point or you’re just not sure about reasons to send an email or you’re looking for ideas. So today I want to share with you 10 reasons to write an email to your e-commerce subscribers or customers. I’m Adam Moody with Oasis Optimization. If you have questions about your e-commerce email marketing, you can get in touch with me at Now, let’s get into this. There’s much more than 10.

I guess I might have to do some follow up videos, but let’s start with 10 and see if those help you. So first of all, if there’s a sale, don’t be afraid to say something about this. Let people know. By all means, I know a lot of times people get a little shy about this or they send out one email, but send out several, let people know about it. It’s of their benefit. And if that’s not the only thing you’re ever talking about, totally fine to do it.

Another good one is if you get a new testimonial back, let people know about that. You can even work that into a sale for some extra kind of bonus points there. And I guarantee you that it works very well to drive additional sales. So if you get a new testimonial, you could write a short email about that. Remember, this doesn’t have to be long. You don’t want to probably just copy and paste the testimonial, but you can easily write something around it, when somebody says something about your product or service.

Write a little bit around it. Hey, John had this to say. This is pretty amazing. People agree with him. But what do you think about what he had to say? And if it’s product-specific, it makes a lot of sense to link to the product. And then something else you can do is if it’s a really good testimonial, you can use the best sentence from it as a subject line. If it’s a really strong one, and then go on in the email to explain it and then have the whole testimonial on there.

That’s a great one. Let’s see. New product. Do you have a new product or new feature or even variation? Could be a color. Doesn’t have to be some whole new product line or anything. But make sure you’re telling people about that. You get a new let’s say you’ve got t shirts and you’ve got a new design, boom. Send an email out about that. Just hey, new design on the block. Come check it out.

Let’s see, what else do we got? I think that’s one, two, three, kinda four… let’s say that’s three. If you’ve got a new bundle, OK, this kind of goes along with that. But call that number four. A lot of times, maybe during the holidays especially, you might do some sort of a bundle, but you could do this at any time and just decide to do it, especially if you’re offering a discount, boom, send that out to people.

OK, FAQ emails. I know that some people have like really strong feelings about this. Like, well, if you’re sending out an FAQ email, you didn’t do a good job explaining your product. Hey, that’s great. And probably partially true. Hopefully you don’t have to send this out a lot. But not everyone sees everything you do all the time. Not everybody’s going to read the FAQ page. If you have common questions that come up, by all means, answer them.

You can work them into emails, which is definitely the more subtle way to do that. And great to do it if you’re doing like a longer promotion. But this could also just be something you send out. Maybe there’s something with your product, like you sell a frozen meal or frozen dessert, but you also sell it ready to eat or baked. Well, maybe let people know about that. If that’s not a common thing that people know or something you generally focus on.

Let people know about that stuff. Let’s see, number six, gifting. Almost anything that you’re selling could be positioned as a gift. So obviously, this works really well around the holidays, but you can use it as a reminder, maybe as like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, people’s birthdays, just positioning your product or service as a gift. So that’s a really good one to do as well. Now, this next one is just a tip, dive in the emails you subscribe to.

You do subscribe to emails, hopefully. If you’re sending or writing emails or you have someone on your team do it, make sure that they’re subscribing. There’s a lot of really good ideas out there and find a good one that you can model. All right. New social media post. There’s no reason to really beat your head against the wall when you’re probably out there. Do you have Instagram, Facebook? Do you have YouTube?

What are you talking about? Those can feed each other. Not everybody is watching every single channel that you have. And even if they are, it’s not a bad thing. You want to kind of reinforce these areas. So if you’ve got a good social media post, maybe you’ve got a cool picture. You’ve got something interesting going on that people are interacting with. Boom. Turn that into an email. Let’s see. Number nine, I’ll go with the Friday Roundup newsletter.

Really like using this one. And I like getting them especially if it has been busy. I can catch up over the weekend from brands or people that I follow and find out maybe things I missed. Maybe a new product came out and they have an interview with somebody. So it just depends on your tempo for emailing. But sending this out can be really effective and help encapsulate kind of everything that’s going on with the brand into one email.

OK, and last but not least, let’s pick a good one here. I’m looking at my long list. Let’s go with politics. It’s definitely been on my mind lately, heavy caveat, be aware of your audience, but there’s no reason you can’t talk about current events, especially in campaign emails, emails that go out one time. Tie that into your brand. I say you really do need to understand who you’re talking to and what you’re saying, but go ahead.

If you have positions as a business, take it. You’re going to be divisive, but you’re going to draw people who agree with you closer and people who don’t agree with you and wouldn’t align with your brand anyway, you’re going to push them apart. It’s going to make the people more attracted to you who would be anyways. OK, so if you’re not or you don’t have a stand, then you can just use pop culture or anything going on in the world and then correlate that into your product.

Something might be something that happened to you. This one’s easier as it is on the current event, of course. Let’s say you woke up and stubbed your toe and you sell coffee. And so let’s say, hey, I woke up, stubbed my toe, that hurts. Just starts throbbing and my foot is really hurt. But it’s not as bad as missing out on a cup of coffee. And you know how I feel if I don’t have that great fresh coffee.

Don’t forget, you can pick yours up here. Clearly, you want to do a little bit of more work than that on it. But that’s the general idea behind it, how you can kind of correlate those things together. So there you go. That is 10 ideas and maybe even a little bit more than that on how you can write some emails. And I will be back with some more in the future to definitely give you some more ideas and to help you bust through and get those emails going out to your subscribers.

And as always, just make sure you put them through the filter of, hey, you know, is this something they’d be interested in? Do my subscribers, do my customers want to hear about this? Would they be interested? If the answer is yes? OK, go ahead, write it and send it. If you have any questions or comments about this, you can leave a comment on the video. If you need help with your e-commerce, email marketing, you can get in touch with me at