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Why Is Consistency Key In Email Marketing?

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Some people might say consistency is boring, but I think it’s one of the most important things in life

You can’t be successful without being consistent and following through on your commitments, right? 

Email marketing is no different; you need to send out regular emails to stay top of mind and end up with engaged subscribers and customers.

Recently I was talking with someone who owns 7 brick-and-mortar stores. They wanted to have some funnels built and emails created, and they were also looking for someone to drive traffic.

I asked what they were doing about email marketing and it got kind of quiet…

The response that I got after a pause was “Not much”. 

Even though they are more of a seasonal business and don’t have any issues during the right season, they’re not doing anything the rest of the year!

This is where email marketing comes in.

Regularly sending out emails helps keep your brand fresh in people’s minds and also provides value to them.

This will make people more willing to buy things from you when a big sale comes, like Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Stuck trying to think about what to write about in these situations?

Put yourself in the subscribers’ shoes.

What do THEY want or need help with?

Problem solved!

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