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Building Your Email Swipe File The Easy Way

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Want an easy way to find out what some of the best brands are doing with email? Subscribe to other people’s emails. 

Subscribing to other email lists is a great way for you not only to keep up with your favorite brands but also your competition 🙂

You can get ideas from things they send out and implement them into your email marketing.

But don’t stop there…subscribe to things outside of your industry as well. 

I’ve gotten some amazing ideas from emails on the maternity clothing industry even though I don’t work with anything related to it.

Whether you’re using Gmail or Outlook (or others), you can set up a folder and route all the subscriptions there; or you can create an entirely different address only for this.

By doing this, you can create a swipe file with a lot of examples of different types of emails you can refer to when writing content for your brand.

Gone are the days of sitting in front of a blank sheet wondering what to write about!

I’m Adam Moody, and if you need help with your email marketing, head over to