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Are Your Emails Flows Helping Your Customer Journey?

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Are you following on your customers’ path?

Setting up browse abandonment and abandoned cart emails flows is a great start but if you’re not guiding your customers through their experience with you and your brand, you’re missing on a lot.

If you need help setting up your flows, go to andI’ll help you.

So I got one question for you today. Do you have automated e-mail flow setup that match where your customers are at? And the answer is, if you don’t, you should. But let’s talk a little bit more about that. Now, first of all, if you’d like help with your e-mail marketing for courses or e-commerce, head over to You can find out more about how I can help you there. But let’s talk about this a little bit more in depth.

So if you’re not familiar with alarms going off while you’re recording videos, you just got a good example of that. We’ll leave that in there and just keep plowing ahead, because I really want to talk about this and how important this is. So whether using a system like Klaviyo or ActiveCampaign, Get Response, Drip, ConvertKit, whatever it is, you know, you have this ability to set up these automated e-mail flows. And if you’re not familiar with the term flow, just saying somebody does something like they subscribe to your list and you send them an automated email or email series that could also be purchasing their first product, could be purchasing their second products, could be purchasing a high value product.

And what you want to do is match of these automated responses that kind of follow a person through the customer journey. All right. So there’s a lot of terms out there. Customer journey, the customer lifecycle, you know, whatever that is where they’re coming into your e-mail list, maybe as a subscriber, maybe then as a purchaser, and then maybe a two time purchase or maybe it’s been a while so you need to kind of win them back and then maybe they’re no longer with your brand.

But the point is to have something that matches this. And a lot of times we get caught up. Let’s say we’re setting up an e-commerce store and we’ve got that abandoned car because of course, we know that abandoned car emails make good revenue. We’ve got maybe a browse abandonment email and then we’ve got an email or two after they purchase. And that’s great for a start. But we don’t want to stop there. We want to keep going.

Right. Those people who come back twice, who prove themselves to be repeated customers. We want to follow up with them. Those could be your great lifetime value customers. Are you following up with them or are you asking them maybe what else they would like to buy from you? It could be that simple, right? And just making sure that at each point you have these flows set up so that you not only follow them, but help them.

And this one will increase conversions, and two it’ll build trust in your brand. And then third, not to be overlooked is it gives you feedback because with each of these, you could work something in like a survey just saying, hey, you know, is there anything you’d like to tell us? Do you have any feedback or is there anything we can do? And this will really help you over time to figure out where each of these steps, what’s going on with your customers and how can you help them out.

And then you can work that back into the automated part. So there is a great line or a quote that I took from Matt Barnett from the founder of Bonjoro, which is a great service. You should go check that out. But I interviewed him on a podcast and he said “Automate the process, not the relationship.” And I think that really applies here to these automated e-mail flows where, you know, it’s no surprise to anyone that these are automated, but they can still be really helpful.

And the point is to build that relationship. So doing things like asking for feedback or asking for a response to a question could be part of this where it’s automated, then follow up with them, you know, say thanks for filling this out. You can have your customer service agent do it. If you’re a solo operator, you can do it. You know, it doesn’t take much time, but it really starts to build that relationship through automated email flows.

So if you’d like help with your automated email flow, you can head over to Other than that, hope you enjoyed the video. Leave a comment. If you’ve got a comment or a question.