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1 Quick Win For Customer Winback Email That You Can Do Today

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Getting back the people in your list that haven’t interacted with your business lately is a great way to get revenue from people that otherwise would be considered to be in the end of their life cycle.

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All right, so one quick win for a customer winback email that you can do. Well, starting today, this is a great one. And if you don’t already have a customer winback flow set up. That’s something I’ll get into real quick and explain what that is. But I want to help you out with one way that you can really kind of supercharge a customer winback flow. So, first of all, I’m Adam Moody. If you need help with your customer, winback flow with any email marketing, with your sales funnels and increasing AOV and LTV head over to

Hit me up over there and I’ll see if I can help you out now with what we’re talking about with the winback flow, I wanted to say real quick, if you’re not familiar with this, this would be something when I say someone’s at the end of their lifecycle or they haven’t really engaged with you for a long time. And so let’s say somebody hasn’t opened or clicked in email and 30, 60, 90 days, whatever it is for your industry, and that may trigger a flow or an automation where you send out some e-mails to try to win them back.

Right. Could be something as simple as, hey, we noticed you haven’t been back to the store in 60 days. Here’s a coupon. Right. It’s pretty basic one for an e-commerce flow. Maybe follow that up with, hey, the coupon is going to expire. But any way that you do this, you try to engage and get them to either click, read or buy something like that. OK. So that’s great. And the first step is just to put that in place.

If you’ve got that there, that’s great. If not, you should go do it. It’s a good one. But beyond that, what we can do is to start to segment this a little bit. This is where segmentation comes in handy. If this person is on your email list, presumably, they have engaged with you because they’re on your list. So hopefully they didn’t just magically show up there, but they’re either a subscriber, a purchaser or they’ve been getting emails, and you’ve had this opportunity to segment them out.

So let’s say that you run a, you sell courses. Right. And if you do that, you’ve had these opportunities to find out what they’re interested in. Maybe you’ve sent out weekly e-mails and you could have been tagging them or adding them to list based on what they expressed interest in. So in this case, let’s say it’s a course, your courses are about how to save money. And they expressed interest on any time you talked about credit card offers.

Well, then maybe on a customer winback flow since you’ve got them tagged. Now, you could say, hey, you know, we’ve just come out or we’ve got a roundup of all of our greatest posts that users and our readers have loved the most about, you know, credit card offers and how you can use those to actually save money. Something like that. And that’s much more targeted to them. Instead of saying, hey, we noticed you haven’t been here.

You should come back because our stuff is great. Right. So being a little over the top there. But that’s kind of what we have to do when we try to generalize. So if you’ve introduced any segmentation into your system, this customer winback flow can be segmented and made a lot more powerful. So two steps to do here. If you haven’t introduced any segmentation into your system, you should definitely do so. There’s a lot more information on that.

But the basic idea is segmenting based on interest or events. In this case, I would say interest and say, what are these people interested in or what have they clicked on before they opened before? And then secondly, kind of tailoring that customer win back. And you don’t have to get fractal with this and have 100 different customer winback flows. But you could segment it out based on maybe the top two or three segments that you have for your business.

So hopefully that will help. If not, you can just implement that or give you some ideas on how you could do this. If you’d like some help with customer winback flows or any email marketing in general, you can come talk to me at