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Browse Abandonment Emails – The Secret E-Commerce Money-Maker

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Browse Abandonment Emails – A way to increase your revenue that you might be sleeping on.

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So what is the browser abandon email? 

Why is it the secret e-commerce money-maker? 

Well, I’m going to tell you about that. 

Give you a concrete example in this short video. 

Hi, I’m Adam Moody. And if you’d like help with email marketing for e-commerce store sales funnel or increasing your average order value, get in touch with me at

Now back to the topic at hand a browse abandoned email, I know all of us have hopefully heard of abandoned cart emails at this point, and how powerful those can be and what a good revenue driver that can be. But a lot of times when I go and look into people’s accounts, I find that they don’t have a browse abandoned email. 

Now, this is why I call it the secret e-commerce moneymaker because it fits in so well with all of the automated flows that everybody knows abandoned cart emails, make money, but then they haven’t implemented this next step. 

And on my other screen off to the side here, I’ve got an account pulled up, where we implemented a browse abandoned email and it’s a one single email and that accounted for 1100 dollars of revenue out of, let’s see 36,000 just by implementing one email. 

So all you have to do with this, and I’m gonna use clay vo as the example you can implement this with other tools as well. But it’s basically taking people who are known to the system. So generally previous purchasers, although it could just be subscribers, and when they’re visiting, and they’re browsing an actual product, if they then don’t purchase and they leave, they’ll get an email. 

And you can add just some really easy coding in there that shows them the product and says, Hey, we saw you were looking at this, you know, did you have some questions, or you want to go back and purchase that. And it’s that simple. And it is a genuine money maker. So this is a great way to do it. 

And you can also because I know the question that comes up people’s mind like Well, I don’t want to bug them every single time they’re browsing a product. And I agree, I definitely would not want to do that. 

So you can restrict this to maybe once every 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 10 days, whatever makes sense for your store. But again, this is a great way to get back in front of people and truly say hey, you you’re checking this out, maybe there’s an issue, maybe you could implement this and put, for example, a coupon code in there to really drive up conversions. But that was just one example with this store where believe the money per recipient, so it’s a over $11 each time it’s sent on average.

Like I said, so 1100 dollars over the past 30 days for a store that’s doing about $36,000 in revenue, that’s pretty impressive. So if you haven’t yet, added the browser, band and email into your system, and you’re using, you know, whatever you using Shopify, WooCommerce, whatever it is, definitely go and get this set up. 

This is something you could do in probably 30-45 minutes. gotta write one email you added into a flow or an automation and boom, there you go. So if you’d like help with browse abandoned emails with e-commerce, email marketing with sales funnel, increasing your average order value, whatever it may be, get in touch with me at