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How To Make Email Designs Convert Better For E-Commerce

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A good email design will help your customers identify your brand and get more conversions.

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So how can you make email template, how to make email designs convert better for e-commerce is better so that you get better conversions for your e-commerce store? Great question. And it’s something that is actually really important. And the good news is you don’t have to be a design freak or hire, hire some really expensive designer. To do this, there are some best practices though. 

So if you’re running your own store, or you want to pass it off to somebody else to do, you can get this done fairly simply. Alright, so we’re going to dive into that just a minute, I’m Adam Moody. 

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Okay, so let’s get right into it with designing these email templates. All right, one of the best things you can do is just to consider you know yourself as the customer, you’ve gotten emails before what makes sense to you, right? It should look professional, but maps the brand and by that there’s a few things we can cover here. You should have your logo up top right, and it might be a stripped-down version depending on what your business logo is, but it is in general, something like 300 pixels wide, and maybe up to 75 pixels tall, but so it’s actually fairly small. 

And just basically something that isn’t stretched and fits in those rough dimensions. All right, you want to have that, of course linked back to your website. Okay? And that’s just people open it, it’s reinforcing the brand. And you know, identifying very quickly who this is from, and it also being linked is very helpful. 

I see a lot of emails where it’s not, you’d be surprised how many people click on images in emails, alright, so don’t forget to do that. Okay, next is going with the brand, right? If you are a very visual brand I’m going to use, we’ll just use fashion for this. Let’s say you’re selling men’s high-fashion stuff, then that’s a very visual thing, right? You should have a lot of images.

So make sure that that is a part of it. On the other hand, maybe your services or your products, take some explaining that maybe you want to go more into detail. All right. 

You just want to fit that to the brand as well as the product and service, but of course emails, right, the goal is to get them somewhere else. So you don’t have to tell the whole story right there just enough to drive the interest. Have people hop over. 

Okay, this varies, but again, this is just best practices, take a look at your industry, see what other people are doing what’s working well, and follow that and then customize it over time as you get feedback and you see what’s actually leading to conversions and what’s not. 

Okay, secondly, you should have a style guide. All right, this doesn’t have to be super complicated, but you should have somewhere in either a spreadsheet, a tool like notion, just anywhere where you have a guide for colors, right?

What are your brand colors, so that you can easily go back and you don’t end up sending out these emails that are just kind of all over the place and don’t make sense right?

So just have that it’s really easy to do once you’ve identified maybe three or four colors that you know you use repeatedly, like on your website, that you can use those in your emails as background colors, maybe a section headers, things like that, but the has two benefits. 

One, it’s better for your customers, they get to see the same thing they understand kind of the brand identity, but then to you’re saving yourself time so that you’re not wondering like, man, which color did I use, I mean, go back to the old template or I need to go back and find an all female, knock that out, save yourself a bunch of time, just do this. 

Alright, secondly, make use of whitespace I find this one’s really important. I you go into some emails and you’re just like, blown out with like stuff. And it’s very rare that that works. You know, I would say keep it color to a minimum, that’s kind of your call to action, right is by having maybe a button having these really colorful are bright images that really draw the eye. 

But don’t just have you know, text and maybe a sidebar with lots of text and then the images in the middle. Be really careful. You know, give it some space people certainly can take the time to scroll through this and will if the content is good, I would always err on the side of being more minimal unless your brand, you know, is known for something else. So again, always defer to your brand and the style guide. But in general try to keep it pretty lean and mean. 

Okay, and then last but not least, I’m going to say, you know, obviously, make sure that you’ve got the unsubscribe links, you’ve got your address and stuff is required for the can spam the anti-spam laws. But I do occasionally see emails without that that’s a big No, no.

Also, as a customer, I don’t want to see that. You know, I love getting emails and greed emails, especially. But if the time comes, and I’m no longer interested, I definitely want to be able to click that button. And last but not least, I would say understand your brand voice. 

But if you’re not sure, err on the side of being professional. And by that I just mean probably don’t want to go out in left field. If you’re not known for making political comments, you know, don’t suddenly enter or inject that into your emails. 

Keep it about your customers, keep it about your subscribers. make these adjustments as you needed where you’re putting in your logo at the top, you’re making sure your link back using images where appropriate, and you’re keeping it as minimal as you can and I guarantee you, you will get a lot better results from your email marketing. Now that is just one part of it. 

That’s email templates that can really help especially in e-commerce. If you’d like help with this or other email marketing activities, you can always get in touch with me at