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Do Images Always Perform Better On Opt-In Forms For Your E-commerce Store?

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You’re browsing around and come across a store that has a really good pop-up with great content and some amazing images.

If they do it, there must be a reason…

Now you might think of implementing the same thing in your store because pop-up + nice image = high conversions… right?

Well… that’s not always the case.

As I always say, you should test!

Try setting up a pop-up with an image and split test it against one with no image. This is going to show you exactly what works for your specific case. How do I know?

Recently we set up a split test for a pop-up in the food and beverage industry.

The version without an image outperformed the other one, which was really surprising!

So don’t be afraid to experiment, you might just come up with something better than what everyone else does.

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