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Interesting Tools For Content Creation And Semantic Relations

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Several days ago I found an article that had some good tips for content creation as well as a second tool for examining relations semantically.

These came from a SearchEngineLand article that I have linked to below – in case you want to read the original.

Tool Information

First off, the content creation tool FaqFox can be used to good effect for finding “pain points” – instead of just churning out content with keywords why not take advantage of knowing what the factors are that concern your potential clients and write content to address that! Not only will your content be more targeted, but you will certainly rank higher for some long tail words and find that your traffic is converting at a higher rate.

There are several paid tools out there that are either one time fees or part of a membership, but this is the first tool I’ve come across that does a decent job of looking through communities for topics. I suggest taking this for a test drive and seeing if you can come up with pain points to center your content around.

The second tool is a good visual way to see relationships between topics and categories. While not something that will automate content ideas or anything like that, it will help you understand your industry/niche/market. This can be used in conjunction with something like FaqFox to find new areas to create content around or to make sure that you have not overlooked a large adjacent market opportunity.

Watch the video for further explanation.


View the full video here:

Original article from the video: