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How to Avoid Sending SMS Messages with Mistakes From Your Brand

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When you send emails as a company or as a personal brand, it’s extremely important that your team is aware of mistakes and can fix them quickly, right?

You might have set up some sort of system to avoid sending out these types of errors in the first place, like piping all test emails into Slack so everyone on your team knows about any issues right away.

If you’re also using SMS messages for business, make sure to check your links in your messages before sending. They may be shortened and it’s not always obvious that they are correct – so always click and check!

One way to do this is by setting up a Google Voice number. Google Suite users can set one of these numbers as dedicated for this purpose, and you could have an email sent to the associated account every time someone sends a text message to your test phone number. 

You can also use something like Zapier or other similar apps to move the emails around if you so need – i.e. to take the test message and put it into your CRM, Slack, a spreadsheet, or something else.

You should also test the links to make sure things look how they are supposed to. This will save even the best of us from mistakes that crop up from time to time.

If you haven’t yet, it’s very important that you set up your SMS process to make sure that any issues can be quickly corrected. Set one of the simple systems I outlined above and save headaches and embarrassment from an SMS gone wrong!