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Best Way To Map Out A Funnel

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Having a clear layout of your funnel can help you see things from a better perspective and make sure you’re not missing anything.

Funnelytics help you do just that, map out your funnels before you start building them don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

If you need help with your funnels, head over to

What is the best way to map out a funnel? Well, I’ve got my favorite and for a while it was just drawing stuff out and just kind of putting it on pen and paper. But I think that there is a better way to do it. And for myself, the way to map out the funnel flow is to use a tool called Funnelytics. Now to actually map out the funnel in detail, to take up the page and say, hey, we’re going to have an element here.

We’re going to have a call-to-action button here. We’re going to this and that. I definitely like to use a tool called Miro. You can find a link to both of those down below. Now, what I want to do is show you a little bit about Funnelytics and how easy it is to map. I literally was using this today to talk to my team about a new Black Friday promotion that we’re going to be doing this year. And it’s so nice to be able to get this out of your head in literally a minute, or maybe even less if you’re really fast, but a minute or two see it for yourself and then you can kind of see, OK, these are the elements, what am I forgetting?

And I’ll show you something I did forget and then add it in so that when I pass it to my team, it’s more complete. And it doesn’t matter if you’re working by yourself or again, a team or maybe you’re having someone external do this for you. This way you can get your ideas out, get it mapped out and make sure that the end result is that much better. So let’s just dive right into it.

If you’re not familiar with Funnelytics, you can just head over to, the link is down below. Not going to bore you to death and read their blog. They got a lot of really good information. So if you’re interested in mapping and forecasting funnels, any of that, definitely go and check them out, but let’s dive into it. So this is kind of what it looks like behind the scenes once you’re logged in and you can go and create a funnel.

So I’m going to show you one that we did earlier today, and I’m just actually going to delete it and start over. So what we’ve got was a sales page, an order form page, order confirmation. We’ve got the website and we’ve got an expired page. So not too complicated, but let’s do something crazy and just delete all of this stuff. So let’s say now if we wanted to do this and we were thinking, what do we want our Black Friday promotion to look like?

Well, we’re going to have some sort of a sales page. So you just click and drag. Now we’ve got a sales page and after that sales page, we’re going to want to send people to an order form. So we got an order page. And then let’s say we want to have an order confirmation or a thank you page. And we’re not even worrying about how this looks, right? Because we can do something here where we click and drag and then you can see this line align vertically.

Boom. Done. And we’re going to say, you know what, on the order page, I think we want to have an abandoned cart email. So that’s over here under traffic, which is, again, click and drag. And then this little arrow right here. And they’ve updated UI a few times. You might be seeing this down the road and it may have changed slightly, but generally stayed the same. You just click and drag and it points back to the order page and to edit, we’re just going to go up here.

We’re going to call that abandoned… Then we’re going to… That was weird, huh? Well, don’t do what I just did, I’m going to leave that in there because I think that’s the weirdest thing I’ve come across. It’s never happened. But anyways, let’s do that again. So come back and come to traffic and email and we’re going to click and drag down and there we go. All right. So I’m going to double click this time and call it abandoned cart email, and that was nice.

So it autosave as we went. So it didn’t delete everything. And then we’re going to also connect these to show that obviously this is the order that things should go. Now, that was the basic page set up for the Black Friday promotion that we’re going to do. Real simple, right? Sales page, order page. Thank you. Of course, there’s a lot of elements that go into a sales page or maybe a lot on the order page.

Generally, the thank you page is going to be fairly simple. And what you can do is use a tool like Miro or use your own drawings to basically map these out in terms of, hey, what elements are going to be on this page? Do we have an image at the top? Do we have a title? Do we have a subtitle? What we’re doing here is more mapping out the funnel and the flow so that we can see how this looks.

Now, what I forgot was we’ve got Black Friday and then we’ve got Cyber Monday. And what we wanted to do was to shut down the sales page and then have it open back up on Monday. So to do that and to do it well, we need an expired page. So that’s where we have this down here and we’re just going to call it expired. And so we’re going to redirect the sales page at a certain point to that page.

Now, we’ve also got the website, so I’m just going to put that over here. So for this particular site.

We would want to make sure that it’s linked from the thank you page, because this is just the sales funnel, it’s not the website. So we want to have that over here. And then the expired page too saying, hey, you know what, you’re too late for the sale. But if you want to find out more, go check out the website. We don’t want to just dump them here and say, well, tough luck and then we can always unexpired or you can do that again, depending on how you’re using your software for your landing page, whether it’s ClickFunnels or Kartra or Groovefunnels or WordPress or whatever it is, doesn’t matter.

I just wanted to show you how you can easily set this all up. Now, this is something you can either take for yourself. You could take this and share with a team or with somebody you could get in touch with and say, hey, I need something like this. Can you build this for me? And this is much easier for someone to understand. And will make sure that you get the best results instead of saying, hey, I need a sales funnel for Black Friday and anyone who knows what they’re doing, will ask you the questions to figure this stuff out.

But getting this done yourself gives you a little bit more assurance that you understand what’s going on and you’ll get a better result. So if you’d like help with your funnels, with your email marketing, with conversion rate optimization, you can get in touch with me at