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How Much Money Does Email Marketing Make For E-Commerce Stores?

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If you run an e-commerce store and are not sending out emails, you’re losing money.

Effective use of email marketing can add a significant amount of revenue to your bottom line.

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So how much money can email marketing really make for your e-commerce store? It’s a good question. And if you have a store or you’re helping run a store, it’s something that definitely should be on your mind, whether you’re not doing any email marketing yet, you’re thinking about it or you’ve started and you wonder where should you be. So first of all, I’m Adam with Oasis Optimization. If you’d like help with your email marketing, with sales funnels, anything like that, head over to

Get in touch with me there. Now, as far as what email marketing can do in terms of revenue for your store, a good ballpark number is to say, look, if you’re really not doing any email marketing or you’re doing it poorly or sporadically, this can add 20 percent to your revenue. And that’s a pretty low number. But it’s something that we can confidently say based on dealing with a lot of accounts. So can it go higher than that?

You bet. So if you check out these stats, leave those up there for a second. You can see that this contributes anywhere from mid 20s up to we’ve seen as high as 60, 70 percent. That is definitely on the high side. Is that guaranteed to happen for you? No. But if you’d like to add 20 percent, 30 percent, 40 percent to your bottom line, then effective email marketing for your e-commerce store is definitely a great way to go.

And it does two things at once. It’s bringing in that revenue, but it’s also forming that connection with your customers and giving you that higher lifetime value and building your brand relationship with these people, with your subscribers, with your customers. So I love that it’s not just a hey, it’s going to pump more money into it if you just email people all the time, because that’s not effective email marketing. Right? It’s having your automated flow set up, getting back in touch with people, having interesting information to send them that they want to hear about.

But you do all that and you will definitely see the bump in revenue. So hopefully this helps. Again, if you’d like help with your email marketing, with your e-commerce store, get in touch with me at