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How Much Revenue Are You Losing By Not Having A Browse Abandonment Flow Set Up In Your E-commerce Store?

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If you run an e-commerce store, you should by now know about the abandoned cart automation/flow.

But there’s one automation that can make you lose money by not having it implemented.

The Browse Abandonment flow can help you get in touch with those customers that are interested in your products but didn’t add them to the cart for whatever reasons.

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So what kind of revenue could you be missing out on by not having a Browse Abandonment flow in your email marketing setup? Well, I’ll talk to that in just a sec. I just want to introduce myself. I’m Adam Moody with Oasis Optimization, and this is one of those critical flows, automations, whatever you want to call it, that’s right up there in my mind with abandoned cart. Everyone knows what the abandoned cart flow is, and if you don’t have that set up, please stop watching this and go to it.

But secondarily, is the browse abandonment and this is really, really important. This is something, just to explain the background on this, where I’m going to talk about using Klaviyo, you can do this with a bunch of email systems, whatever tool is right for your e-commerce store. But what this is, is people who are known to the system, basically, let’s say with Klaviyo, Klaviyo says, oh, OK, this is a subscriber or purchaser.

I know who they are. They’re coming back to the store. This is a built-in capability. And they look at a product, right? They make it, they are not just at the home page and not just at the blog. They’re looking at some particular product and then they decide, nope, that’s not for me, for whatever reason or what you can do is have an automation or a flow trigger on that and say, hey, we’re going to send them an email and it’s not the abandoned cart like, hey, you were going to buy this.

But just a reminder of how you were checking this out. Was there something that came up? Do you have any questions or anything like that? And what I, of course, personally do is you don’t want to do that every single time somebody is looking at a product, but maybe every 30 days, every 15 days, 90 days depends on your business. But I find 30 days to be a sweet spot if you’re not sure what to do that that’s a good reminder for people.

But you’re not going to annoy them, right? So getting the setup can be pretty, pretty easy. It could be just one quick email reminding them, hey, you were looking at this, what happened, but what kind of revenue could you be missing out on by not having this browser abandon flow? As you can see right up here, it could be upwards of 9%, I’ve seen 10%. And that is definitely on the high side.

Usually these would be lower in terms of the overall email revenue. But a lot of times we think about abandoned carts being all you’re losing out on two, three, four, five percent of your revenue. But for some stores, the browse abandon can be just as much or in some cases like this, more than that. So make sure you have this flow set up. Really important, a very easy one to do and a great one to test on.