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How To Boost Customer Engagement With Customized Video Emails For Your Store

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One great way to increase customer engagement is through personalized experiences.

Like what? Well, sending out personalized videos is one way and it’s fast + effective.

Tools like Bonjoro can be used for this, providing a great experience and easy customization options without compromising on quality or efficiency.

In this case, it’s really easy. When someone buys a product from your store, they get a tag, you get a notification on your computer or smartphone, you then record a video and send it, that’s it!

The app takes care of the rest, even the video recording is done “in-app” – no need for 3rd party tools. Simple & effective.

You can use this to thank them for their purchase, point them to another product they might be interested in, or even ask for feedback!

These types of campaigns tend to have a really high open and response rate, so you can only win from implementing this into your processes for a better customer experience.