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How To Get Emails From Traffic That Leaves Your Site

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There are ways to get emails from people that leave your site.

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I’m Adam with Oasis Optimization, and I’ve got a short one today that’s going to help you with getting traffic and emails so you can follow up with people who would normally bounce from your website, your funnel, whatever it is, so you can follow up with them and turn them into paying conversions. So as I said, I’m Adam Moody. If you’d like to find out more about this or get personal help with email marketing, with sales funnels, you can head over to

Now, what I have for you today is just a couple of quick ideas. As a business owner and you’ve got a website, you’ve got a funnel, you’ve got to play by the rules. And I understand that maybe different ad networks, like if you’re doing PPC, you can’t do pop-ups or you can’t do this or that. But let’s just talk in general, okay? One thing you can do is setting up a relevant pop up on your site that has to do with the page they visit.

All right. I want to kind of break down that sentence, a relevant pop up on your site that has to do with the page they visit. All right. So if they’re going you’re selling jeans and they go there and you’re just kind of hitting them with that generic, like “Sign up and get a coupon.” Yeah, they’re probably just as excited as I sounded. OK, everyone gets coupon code, but if you can take it up a notch, like maybe there’s something about your jeans.

Right. Let’s just keep going with this. Like maybe you sell specialty jeans and there’s something really unique about the way that they are cared for. And so you have got a cool PDF on how to deal with that. So you could offer that to them. And it’s much more targeted to them, right? Now, this can be done sitewide. Maybe you’ve got that niche jean site and it would apply on all of them. Maybe you’re a bigger brand and you’ve got categories so you can have something done there or even page by page, right?

It’s kind of the extreme example. Another way is using those push widgets. You get a little pop-up on the site. “Hey, we would like to give you something.” It’s got to be some sort of benefit in return for that push widget. A lot of these, you see are, again, really boring, kind of like the hey, we’ll give you a coupon if you allow us to get in your browser.

Come on. You can do better than that. Right. What’s a big benefit of being connected to you and your brand? All right. Just spend some time thinking about this, it isn’t hard. Like, what do your customers want? Why would they be interested? On the one hand, let’s say you just stick with a coupon code and you can say it’s going to be used for massive sales. Right. They will get notified of your biggest discounts.

All right. That’s just changing the words and making it more enticing. Again, if there’s like a lead magnet that you could deliver or there’s a big event coming up just making that more interesting so that they’re much more engaged, much more likely to opt-in for that. And a great way is to use an often with a lead magnet that really only shows to non-subscribers. So this is something that’s super easy to do, with like Klaviyo, I’m sure that other tools can do it.

But let’s say they go to a category page or it’s a certain type of page on your website that you can then have this pop up only show to people who aren’t already on your list are dealing with that particular product. And this can get really targeted. I think you could tell from the ideas that if you’re only showing the not subscribers, it’s only showing on certain pages. You can go crazy with this. Of course, that would get complicated, but by category, it might make sense to do that, again going back to the jeans, maybe you’ve got what is going to give me the like acid wash jeans and work jeans.

And on the work jeans, you know, you say you have a pop up that shows people that says that we’ll show you the top ten ways to make your jeans and all the rest of your work clothing last three times longer and save you five hundred dollars a year. So that would be highly targeted to them and likely to get someone to opt-in.

Whereas on the maybe the acid-washed jean side, that wouldn’t be as big of a deal. Over there you’d have a different lead magnet or just no lead magnet set up until you figure something out. So that’s kind of the stuff you can do there so that you can get emails from traffic is normally bounced. Right. So you can follow up and convert with them. So let’s go over that again. Setting up a relevant pop up on your site that has to do with the page they visit.

All right. Using a push widget again, using an opt-in doesn’t necessarily have to be a popup. Could be just in the page that only shows to non-subscribers. Right. So pick your favorite from that. Implement one of those. Right. And then just start tracking that and you’ll be amazed that, hey, we’re gaining subscribers. You’re getting people you can follow up with their permission, right, to follow up that turn them into paying customers.