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Create A Shopify Direct Checkout Link In 3 Steps

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When you’re having a big sale you know how it is…

They tend to follow a pattern, you see a high volume of sales at the beginning, sales come down over time, and then another spike once the sale is coming to an end.

What’s a good way to make sure you get all those last sales before the promo ends?

One thing you can do is send out some emails and use a direct-to-checkout link. Not sure how to do this with your Shopify or WooCommerce store?

This way you make the process more straightforward and only take a couple of minutes – but can create some great returns and make it easy for your customers to grab those last-minute deals.

A direct link to the checkout can help your customers get what they want without having to go through too many hoops.

Here’s the article I mention in the video: